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Trash the Dress

Eventually, it will smell like moth balls anyway.

So why not have a little fun with your dress before you pack it away?

A trash the dress session is the perfect chance to take all the pictures you wanted on your wedding day but didn't for fear of getting your gown messed up. With these sessions, you don't have to tip-toe: get your dress wet, play in the dirt, sit on benches, relax on street corners, ride the EL. You can run through a junk yard if it strikes you as a good time.

If you're worried that we're actually going to make you trash your dress, relax. The goal of this session is not to destroy your wedding gown, it's to create fantastic images. Sure, you might incur a grease stain or tiny tear, but you'll have beautiful pictures and great memories to show for it.

This session can be as mellow or edgy as you like. Give us a call at 312-342-6562 and let's brainstorm possibilities.