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Photography Mentorship

Photography and Shooting Techniques

I run all-day photography workshops and mentoring sessions that hone your skills and put tools in your arsenal so you can take beautiful photos. 

Our sessions can include:

  • A portfolio critique
  • The makings of a compelling image
  • Uncovering YOUR personal style
  • How to execute your style to create image which people recognize as yours.
  • How to pre-visualize so you get the final output you desire
  • Discovering how backgrounds influence final images
  • Learn how aperture, shutter speed, lens choice, and distance to subject affect your images
  • How to tell a story with your images
  • How to put clients at ease
  • Lighting
  • Documentary photography and photojournalism
  • Processing
  • Gear

The goal of each photography and shooting mentorship session is to develop your underlying skill and talent (not to mimic someone else): we find and strengthen your voice so when people see your images, they know they are yours.

Let’s discuss what you’d like to get out of your photography mentorship program. 

Drop me a line.