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Mentorship Philosophy

The root of the matter:

Listen. If you’ve read enough of my website (especially pages where I list my years of experience), you’re smart enough to do the math and figure out that I’m sort of over the proverbial hill.

Sort of.

During our mentorship, I won’t tell you that it was a three mile walk to school, up hill, both ways. That things were better “before digital.” That kids nowadays just don’t get it.

I will tell you this: I’ve been in this industry long enough to have witnessed (and been a part of) the massive transition in how we work, network, and promote our photography. Publishing, gathering inspiration, and finding an interesting location to shoot is easier now than ever before—a simple visit to Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook can provide all these things with a click of a mouse or tap of a finger.

But, old-school methods and techniques are relevant today. In fact I’d argue they’re more important than ever before. When you subscribe to a mentorship with me, you're subscribing to a way of thinking and a method of being. You're signing on to train using my philosophy:


Learning to shoot with film developed concentration, talent, and patience. I will recreate the “slowness” of film in our mentorships so you’ll learn to see opportunities for beautiful, spontaneous images outside your viewfinder. You won’t be overly-dependent on technology and you’ll begin to see themes and story-arcs that will make your photos compelling.

Get inspired

Gathering inspiration wasn’t as simple as jumping online. It required long trips to the library and studying people’s work. Because of the proliferation of images on the internet, it’s hard to find photography with a unique voice. Trends win the day and mimicry is standard. When you engage in a mentorship with me, you’ll become a curator of compelling work and a student of photography. You’ll harness new media (because it can be good), but you’ll be discerning in what you take inspiration from, and deliberate in what you choose to publish.

Live life

Finding locations required living in the world—in order to find an interesting backdrop, you had to move from your desk. Getting out had an additional benefit: networking. Talking to people. Through our mentorship, we’ll work on getting you in front of people and visiting new places. You’ll make lasting, meaningful, powerful connections with the people you work with and in the environments you work in.

So that’s it. My philosophical two-cents about my history, the undercurrent of my mentorship program, and why you can benefit from an old guy like me.

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