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Kevin Weinstein Photography is moving the studio to Los Angeles in 2014

I have mulled this blog post over in my head so many times that I can’t believe it is time to actually sit down and write.  Yes!  After 14 years in Chicago and more than 12 running a wedding photography studio, I am expanding my business and opening a brand new studio space.

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Kevin Weinstein Photography : New Studio Manager

During the 12 years of running my own business, I had 5 crucial goals I wanted to attain.  Each one grew bigger and more challenging, causing more weight on my shoulders.  I knew the hard work, patience and exhaustion would pay off in some ways.  I would complete one goal, take a breathe and move right into the next one.

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Chicago wedding photographer: Kevin Weinstein’s Studio 10th Anniversary

Chicago wedding photographer, Kevin Weinstein Photography, was born 10 years ago today.

May 31, 2001:  I worked my 9th day in a row, and my usual eleven hour day at the newspaper.  I was 29, and exactly 2 weeks away from 30.  Sure, I was anxious and nervous about the milestone birthday.  Life felt empty.  My work schedule dominated my waking hours and my social life was an after-thought.

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Kevin Weinstein Photography: Promo Video

Several years ago, I stumbled across Anton Lorimer's work and immediately knew one day, he would work for me.  I merely needed the money, and mostly, the reason to invest in his brilliance. 

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