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Los Angeles Celebrity Baby Shower Photographer : Stacy Keibler

Celebrity Stacy Keibler’s baby shower at her private estate in Beverly Hills was a spectacular affair held on a Saturday afternoon back in early June.  In attendance were celebrity wives, her closest girl friends and family including Jared Pobre’s mother.  Ladies drank cocktails, ate from an incredible spread displayed inside the kitchen, gathered poolside, listened to the beat of a DJ, painted their nails and laughed during the afternoon festivities.

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Roni & Rick: their baby boy

Three and a half years into their marriage, and they finally birthed a healthy baby boy.

I can picture Rick as a "dad," but I am still having issues with my little sweet Miss O as a mother.  Why do I feel as if she is my child?

The three of us were trying to get together again for another pregnancy shoot to take advantage of the fall colors and to get some city-scape images as well as park/foliage settings.  However, 1.5 hours before they were supposed to be here, Rick contacted me to say, "Um, we can't make it.  Roni is starting her labor."

Roni's birth was an "EVENT."  The two labored at home in the shower for a while before moving that process to a shower stall at Prentice. Eventually, she moved her labor to the hospital bed.

She labored everywhere.

Ilan Geva Orlina

Born: Friday, October 9th, 2009 at 1:47am
7 pounds 12 ounces
20 inches

100% awesome

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Roni & Rick: Pregnant

I hadn't spoken or seen Roni & Rick in a VERY long time.  Maybe since January at another wedding they referred me to?

But on August 4th of this year, Roni wrote me an email saying,

"hi mr. w.
it's your favorite. little miss o.
well, not so little right now because I'm 30 weeks preggers. THIRTY. THIRTY! THIRTY!?"

This was something I needed to see.  She is already so tiny and compact, so I was curious about how she was carrying around a baby in her stomach area.

Roni & Rick have it down.  They know responsibility, respect, patience and commitment.  After 3 years of building a stronger foundation they decided it was time to add a little person "to spill the love onto."  Considering Roni is an actress, she was not in town much.  So this did make things a little difficult.  Obviously in the end, they figured things through. 


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