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On October 14, 2013 Ed Libby Events and Victoria Dubin Events asked me to come to NYC to meet with their client about her 50th birthday party.  On October 28th, Ed Libby rang me to discuss the client’s decision.  I remember that familiar feeling, that anxiety, the immediate plea in my head for only happy feelings when I saw Ed’s name pop up on my caller ID. 

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Kevin Weinstein Photography is moving the studio to Los Angeles in 2014

I have mulled this blog post over in my head so many times that I can’t believe it is time to actually sit down and write.  Yes!  After 14 years in Chicago and more than 12 running a wedding photography studio, I am expanding my business and opening a brand new studio space.

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Spotlight Interview

A few weeks ago, Junebug Weddings published a Photographer Spotlight profile about me and my work.  It was a hoot, and a lot of fun to reflect on my past 25 years as a photographer.  Here is a repost, along with some additions, below.  I hope you enjoy learning a little about the man behind the camera.  

Chicago wedding photographer Kevin Weinstein

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