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Victoria Dubin Events and Ed Libby Events New York Birthday Party

This beautiful New York City birthday party photographed at the studios of Michael Scott Events was a night filled with family, friends and a lot of laughter.  The birthday boy, husband of Victoria Dubin of Victoria Dubin Events as well as New York City event designer Ed Libby and Co, are huge supporters of my work because of my expertise at capturing amazing moments in realtime as well as my documentary aesthetic.

The 60-year-old birthday boy is a native New Yorker who begins each day reading the New York Times.  A long-time admirer for the city, it was clear from the beginning the theme would involve Manhattan and New York City.

Thank you Victoria and Ed for having me come out to New York City to document a beautiful birthday celebration!

Kevin Weinstein.

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What they Said... [ 2 ]

This is a fantastic birthday party. The shots shows how people are having fun and enjoying the moment. People were happy to socialize and i can see that they are genuinely happy. I wanted to have this kind of birthday too! The set up of the place is too pleasing to the eyes.

Nov 10, 2015  /  Moo Jae

Great photos! What I’ve noticed, there are some prevailing color gamma in all photo sessions. Red , brown and yellow. Do you do that on purpose?

Aug 17, 2016  /  annotated bibliography

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