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Patrick & Libby’s 10-year Anniversary

Ten years ago this past June, I started my own business as a self-employed photographer.  I had no clue where I wanted to focus my skills at the time, but I was up for anything to pay the mounting bills.  Ten years ago today, Patrick & Libby married and I was their photographer.  This, was my first wedding.

bride at a chicago wedding

I recall being more nervous than the bride.  I was a tad more vocal and honest about my nerves than I should have been, but I felt Libby's personality could handle the news.  I was excited, and really looking forward to spending the entire day playing documentary photographer and telling the story of their wedding day.  At the end of the evening, I shot around 40 rolls of film (a whopping 1400 frames that does not even come close to what I shoot now) and headed back to Chicago to develop the film.  I was energized and felt that I should investigate this wedding thing a little more.

Obviously, 10 years later, I am still here.  Still chasing brides.  Still running a business.  But wow, have things changed.

For the past several years, Libby and I have been talking about surprising Patrick with a vintage 1950s portrait that she would hang on their wall.  Time flies, and the day is here.  We started out at Sonia Roselli's makeup studio for hair and makeup and then on to a few locations to give us some options for backdrops.  We started under the Metra tracks, and while we love the imagery, it truly does not fit well with the vintage style we were going for.  We then moved to my Chicago wedding photography studio and used some of the Mid-Century decor because we both knew this would definitely work well for the final outcome.  We called it a night, looked at the images and then it popped into my head: The Palmer House lobby.

A few weeks later, like washing with shampoo in the shower, she made her way back down to Chicago, met with Sonia Roselli once again, and we headed off to the Palmer House to get the perfect backdrop.  In the end, we both agreed we liked these images as well as the ones shot in my studio.  

The final print was 40 inches tall, framed and ready to meet Patrick for the big surprise. 

It feels fantastic to celebrate their anniversary along with mine on the same day AND to know that our friendships has florished during this time as well.  They now have their own little babies (OK, so maybe they aren't technically babies any longer) and I get to be an honorary Uncle.  What could be better!?

Happy Anniversary L & P.  And thank you for taking a risk on hiring me to shoot your wedding with NO wedding experience.  If it weren't for you both, I might be a photographer running from one school to another taking portraits of each and every student for the yearbook.  Oy.

Oh, and have you noticed it is raining today, just like on your wedding day? 

bride getting her hair completed at sonia roselli

bride getting her makeup at sonia roselli by kevin weinstein

bride fixing her hair sonia roselli hair

bride looking at her hair in the mirror at sonia roselli

bride getting the finishing touches on her hair in chicago wedding kevin weinstein

portrait of a chicago bride in an urban landscape kevin weinstein

bride sitting on a vintage chair in chicago wedding photography kevin weinstein

bride walking under the El in Chicago wedding photographs by kevin weinstein

bride in an urban EL stop chicago wedding kevin weinstein

bride in vintage clothing kevin weinstein

bride at kevin weinstein photography studio

bride in the studio of kevin weinstein photography

bride at the palmer house wedding kevin weinstein

palmer house chicago wedding kevin weinstein

Libby Castro of LP/w design at the Palmer House Chicago

palmer house chicago kevin weinstein


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What they Said... [ 14 ]

Wow. Stunning work, Kevin!

Oct 13, 2011  /  Dawn Klingensmith

gracias, dawn!

Oct 13, 2011  /  Kevin Weinstein

wow, stunning photos. love the richness/saturation and composition. most of all just love- Libby (and Patrick!) and their awesome partnership.

Oct 13, 2011  /  Sasha v

Wow! Can you make me look like her?! Love all of them. Very glam. Cheers to you Kevin! J

Oct 14, 2011  /  Jeni Tate

stunning photo with combination of modern background

Oct 18, 2011  /  freddy

Wow, what an inspirational story! And a great serious of shots! Here’s to another 10 years! :)

Oct 27, 2011  /  RedSphere Wedding Photography

What a lovely lovely story and beautiful images. I to started around 10 years ago feeling very similar, what a different world it is today and an amazing journey. x

Mar 20, 2012  /  Andrew

Gorgeous!! I enjoyed looking through your beautiful blog. I would love to feature one of your weddings on my new blog. Please let me know if you are interested. Hugs, Katherine

Apr 08, 2012  /  Katherine

Beautiful album. These are highly appreciated images. I am glad to see them.

May 03, 2012  /  Kevin James

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