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Los Angeles Elopement at Beverly Hills Courthouse inside City Hall

Eleanor and John contacted me to photograph their elopement at Beverly Hills Courthouse a month or so before their date.  I have never photographed an elopement before, so I was not quite sure what to expect.  All I knew was they wanted to do the ceremony, and quick pictures within 1 hour.

Game on.


I pretended it was a gameshow, and I had one hour to complete what I normally would during a 10-hour wedding minus the first dance, toasts, preparations and family formals.  Considering waiting for the ceremony and getting through the ceremony took half my allotted time, I had to think FAST for the remainder of the 30 minutes.  I was photographing what was in front of me, but my mind was three steps ahead.  Even their wedding was a blur for me.


What I thought would be a fast, shallow attempt at making memorable pictures for a client turned into a joyous, touching experience where I actually felt closer to the couple than ever before.


The two ended their one-hour of photography and sped off in an old, red BMW convertible and headed to the midcentury mecca of Palm Springs to soak up the sun and architecture.


Thank you Eleanor and John for having me come join you for your elopement at the Beverly Hills City Hall Courthouse.

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What they Said... [ 8 ]

Absolutelly stuning set of photos, well done!

Jan 14, 2016  /  Fotografos de bodas

In my opinion, this is just a great idea to focus on the shoot of a young couple. They look incredibly happy. The photos will be transferred all of these emotions.

Jun 28, 2016  /  professional writers that write literature review

Stunning images! I love them all!

Oct 06, 2016  /  Serge ~ Aruba

So beautiful couple. This is a wedding ceremony I am dreaming about. Simple, beautiful and quick. If you want to share with me some photos, follow the link.

Oct 13, 2016  /

Numerous picture takers add in an engagement take pictures of assembly as a blotch of the general pack, which display an honest chance to distinguish your image user in real life. It additionally allows him to try different clothes with compliment points, stance, and lighting levels quicker than the big day.

Jan 11, 2017  /  aone-assignments

Awesome post and gorgeous images!

Mar 03, 2017  /  Montessori

Amazing work, congrats!!!

May 09, 2017  /  Iván Casañ Fotografía

You have definitely nailed it. Elopement weddings are my favourite, you can fully concentrate on the wedding couple and their emotions.
Beautiful photos and a lovely bride and groom. Love the light and your creative shot with the palms shadow.
All the best to them!

Mar 01, 2018  /  Maria & Sandy Algarve Wedding Photography

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