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Kevin Weinstein Photography : New Studio Manager

During the 12 years of running my own business, I had 5 crucial goals I wanted to attain.  Each one grew bigger and more challenging, causing more weight on my shoulders.  I knew the hard work, patience and exhaustion would pay off in some ways.  I would complete one goal, take a breathe and move right into the next one.

Goal 5 I never had faith would happen.  The responsibility seemed daunting, and expensive.  My previous contractor left this past winter leaving me with the question: Do you hire another one, or take the plunge and hire an employee?

The few days a week with Chadd was great help.  It saved me hours of work a week.  But I need someone to save me from 40 hours a week, not 16.  I needed a person to really take over my entire studio and deal more with my clients.  Someone who belongs to my company and knows every little detail.

I took the plunge.  I think it rates right up there with my web site / rebranding and opening my studio space.

Meet Ricky.  He is a delight, eh?  A smile to make anyone happy and feel comfortable.  Ricky jumped at the opportunity and when he got the great news, he was packed and moved from Ohio within 2 weeks.  Can you say, anxious!?

Settling in, for both of us, was smooth, but awkward.  I kind of felt like it was my first day at a new job as well.  I don't know why I waited this long to hire an employee.  Seriously, beat me over the head!  Not working alone is a joy.  The professionalism I can finally offer my clients is welcomed.  And half of that is because of my employee.  Having another person here for 40 hours has allowed me to completely up the level of customer service and value that my client enjoys and deserves.

Before, I could only offer quickly written emails filled with anxiety and panic because of the other 46,732 things on my mind.  Do you know what it feels like to be on the phone with a client and on your computer's To Do list app (all our computers and mobile devices are synched together) appears the details of what I need to do for them?  Yea, you should try it.

That tiny little example is 1000 pounds off my shoulder.  Just imagine what it feels like to have the workflow and progress of client's images for post processing, album designs and all your images archived in structured folders.  90,000 more pounds lifted off my shoulders.

And this is him, not me.  As Ricky learned more, and saw how out of control I was, he would move forward with these tasks to create order in my life so I can keep some sanity and breathe.  He added more to me and my business than I ever thought.  We lunch once a month to check in, and we have this incredible open relationship where he can fill me in on what is making him excited but also things he is not happy with.  We have some pretty darn fun goals already in the works and we both are really excited.  Luckily he is patient because anything that happens with a small business takes time.

If you haven't tried an employee I urge you to do so.  If you can't afford one, then up your pricing.  No one should have to run a wedding business alone.  The stress, demands and expectations create a massive workload that is truly impossible for one person.

Please welcome Ricky to Chicago.  If you hear from him, treat him nicely or I will kick some butt.  Many of you already know him and have developed relationships with him but for those who have not I promise you will in time.

Now back to working on goal number 6 and 7.

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What they Said... [ 5 ]


Feb 01, 2013  /  C.J.

Congrats, Kevin, and congrats Ricky!

Feb 01, 2013  /  Hannah

Well said and well deserved! So happy for you guys! CONGRATS on your milestone. Here’s to many more to come!

Feb 01, 2013  /  Patricia

Welcome Ricky, I look forward to meeting you very soon!  I love that you wrote this Kevin, what a wonderful boss you are!!

Feb 01, 2013  /  Hope Weis

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