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Ed Libby & Co : Libbyland14 a Heaven Can Wait party

Photographing my first Ed Libby & Co event leaves me grappling for words.  I hope my story further into this post will clarify why I have such inarticulate thoughts.  For those who do not know Ed Libby and his crazy talent, you will find him based in New York City working as a florist and event designer creating parties that are the definition of luxury all over the world.

Libbyland14 Heaven Can Wait party was sparked by a medical scare Ed experienced this past winter.  While in and out of hospital beds for an extended period of time, and clearly a close call to unlocking the pearly gates, Ed pulled through.  The following months were filled with recuperating and getting stronger despite a few minor ‘burps.’  


Most of us don’t know what it is like to have a close call with death.  But many who do find themselves reflecting about the road behind, the road you are currently traveling as well as the road you are steering towards both in your personal and business life.  Self employment does blend these two lives and it can be a blessing and curse at the same time.


As the dust settled, Ed wanted to celebrate and have his closest friends come to his West Hollywood Hills home, also known as Libbyland, to party, celebrate and honor life.  


No red and blue plastic cups, a keg of beer and pretzels for an event designer and florist.  Heaven Can Wait showcases the incredible artistry this man possess.  Pure talent.  


On November 17th, 2011 I met Ed along with party planner Debbie Geller (Geller Events) and Ellen Black (Lehr & Black Custom Invitations) and spent about two hours waiting for our flight back to the U.S.  I happened to mention I was feeling finished with Chicago, and wanted to move myself and business back to CA.  Clearly, I was scared because I had not one connection, and the thought of moving my business backwards was making me sick.  


I never showed them my work.  But when the three of them landed in their respective cities (NYC and Los Angeles), they connected with one another after reviewing my website.  Within 2 months the whirlwind adventure that is my life now began with my first trip to LA and at the same time landing the Mario Lopez engagement session as well as the Mario Lopez wedding.  


Since then, Ed and I have hugged, kissed, fought and laughed.  We are two artists with strong personalities.  Even in our down times, he always set that aside to help me connect with the industry’s best.  Aside from networking, Ed has opened up both his homes in NYC and LA to relax, swim, eat and drink.  No working, just experiencing life and living in the moment.  The two worlds of knowing him personally as well as a business friend are wonderful to share.    


Clearly over the years I have patiently waited to spray pixels across his events (for you non photographers, that is just a way of saying ‘to photograph’).  Never in my life did I expect that to occur at one of his events in his private home.  Nervous, yes.  Scared, absolutely.  So who do you call?  Chadd Foy.  Nothing happens without The Chadd.  Having him around while I work is knowing that whatever I miss, he captures.  This boy always has my back.  And considering I knew 75 percent of the folks attending, getting my job completed and being social was going to cause me more anxiety.  Chadd, thank you again for helping me stay calm.  It has been an incredible 7 years with you.


Ed.  Truly what an honor.  You are one of the best at what you do and I know you could have asked anyone to document your party.  Having you as a client and a fellow vendor at the same time was much more than I expected.  I am no longer an Ed Libby & Co virgin.   


It is now my pleasure to give back to you.  Let the images I created and the album we will construct say thank you.  You are loved.


Be well.




Libbyland14: Heaven Can Wait

August 7th, 2014

Decor: Ed Libby and Co.

Entertainment: Elan Artists

Catering: Jennifer Naylor Catering & Special Events

Planning and coordination: Debbie Geller and Paige Blatt of Geller Events

Invitations: Lehr & Black

Photography: Kevin Weinstein Photography

Eats: Kai Gourmet

Caviar: Calvisius Caviar

Libations and bar: The Grand Bevy

Lighting: Images by Lighting

Rental furniture: Luxe Event Rentals, Classic Party Rentals, Nuage Designs

Second Shooter: Chadd Foy

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