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Chicago Wedding at Holy Family : Kate & Jason

Having a wedding at the Palmer House always gets my attention.  For a photographer who loves ballrooms, the Empire Room, Red Lacquer Room and the Grand Ballroom are all unique in their own way.

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San Francisco Gay Wedding at City Hall : Ryan & Kevin

I assumed I would have a more “traditional” wedding.  Small, intimate gay weddings lacked a formality that stripped them of significance.  Courthouse weddings were out of the question, thank you very much.  You sure don't get any more sad than a courthouse wedding: lines formed by black velvet ropes undulating between brass poles.  Yet here I am, just completing my second wedding, and it was at a court house.  Once again, it was small: seven guests and two photographers which was up from four guests a year and a half ago when we had our Chicago Civil Union shot by Chrisman Studios.  Clearly, it was intimate.  But this this time I added a government building into the mix.

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