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Museum of Contemporary Art wedding: Megan and Mark

I could have done an entire posting of images from just the first 5 minutes of Megan and Mark's wedding.

Chadd and I didn't do any preparation imagery, and began our day with the bride and groom's meet-up.  We started in one of my favorite adorable little parks in Chicago.  It has this neat little brick-lined path with trees that cover the walk-way like something you would see in a Paris park.

wedding at the MCA Chicago Illinois - Museum of Contemporary Art

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Chicago Elysian Hotel wedding: Samantha & Ben

Whew.  I believe this is the largest set of images I have ever posted on my blog.  While I firmly believe a blog posting should not contain more than 20 images, there are several factors why I chose to break my own rules. 

Ben and Sam are special to me.  Their hire occurred after 9 long months of hard work rebranding my business and one month before I landed my first lease on a studio space in the West Loop.  Being chosen to shoot their wedding validated many of my business decisions and insecurities revolving around those choices.  I am so honored to celebrate this time of my career with them as well as their families.

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Samantha & Ben: Engagement Session

Oh vey.  Sam.  Samantha.  Mrs. Kreisman (considering they got married a week ago at the Elysian).  But before we go down that road, I want to share their engagement session we did in May.

Sadly, they are moving.  In a few weeks.  But I do get the opportunity to have dinner with Ben and Sam once again this Sunday.  Bring on the food, wine and the aching stomach from laughing too much!

I usually keep a professional wall between me and my clients, especially until their wedding is complete.  But Ben insisted we have dinner last winter, and then go for drinks afterwards.  So, I did.  I sense the loosening of my rules led to an incredible engagement session, and a fantastic shoot at their wedding (posting next week).

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