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Colleen & Brandon’s Wedding

A few days after my new web site launched, I shot a wedding that ended a three month streak of no days off.  I am taking most of September off from weddings to recoup, shoot other projects and restore all the creative power that I gave a major portion of my season.  The nice thing about stepping back is the ability to see things with a fresh eye.

I revisited a wedding I did this past June.  I am not one to over-exaggerate my feelings for shooting someone's wedding, or rave about a couple just because it's the thing to do.  Too often in this field there is this inflated sense of shouting and praising a couple's love, their connection, how much they "rocked", etc.  Honestly, I think after saying that about the past fifteen weddings, people might start NOT believing those statements?   

However, when I think of Colleen & Brandon's wedding, I might just have to resort to speaking a little about them.  And their wedding.  The words that come to my mind are: commitment, understanding, passion and kindness.

Bride and groom

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