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Kevin Weinstein

Has fun with life. Stands on his head occasionally. Is not self-conscious about the camera attached to his face.

Kevin is dedicated to his art and takes immense pride in capturing your story through a lens.

His goal is singular: never go for cliches, but catch the split seconds in between. A notorious fly-on-the-wall (ask guests who accuse him of disappearing), Kevin will photograph your wedding using the most candid approach possible. The results? Moments suspended in time, stunning images, and elated clients.

Kevin graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a degree in photography and went on to earn a Master’s degree in photojournalism from the top photojournalism school in the country, the University of Missouri-Columbia. He spent 12 years in newspaper and magazine journalism. He has worked for the Sun (Bremerton, Washington), the Memphis Commercial Appeal, the Albuquerque Tribune, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Oakland Tribune, and the Sun in Illinois among others. Kevin has received numerous awards, scholarships, and project grants throughout his career including first place in the College Photographer of the Year Award in 1994. He started Kevin Weinstein Photography, Inc. in 2001 to challenge himself artistically.

Kevin effortlessly combines the worlds of photojournalism and artistic photography to create memorable images for his clients. For more information about Los Angeles wedding photographer Kevin Weinstein Photography, contact him via phone at 310-498-2126 or email:

For Anyone Interested in What Gear I Use…
I’ve been asked numerous times what gear I use to create images and manage the production of photography.  So for those of you who are interested in my tools of the trade, here is a list of what’s in the bag.